the photographer

Born 1956, Poland.

He has travelled widely in Morocco, Egypt, Senegal, Congo and Uganda, photographing in the cities
as well as in the interior.
His archives contain thousands of negatives.
He has done several book covers, published in magazines and exhibited in the Netherlands and abroad.

He lives in Amsterdam since 1977

‘The pictures in Marek Stawski's Congo-gallery are mostly made in Kisangani, the third-largest city in Congo. In the shade of the rundown colonial houses, the temperature is 35º C.
A war is raging on the outskirts of town, but downtown the air is full of the ringing of bicycle taxis, the squeals of women at the market, the quarrelling of fishermen further down along the banks of the Tshopo. The moneychanger beneath his sunshade whistles at a girl passing by, the hairdresser in the wooden shack turns up the music, a child sleeps through it all, its back turned to the street.

We know how Africa dies – Marek Stawski shows us how it lives.’

Lieve Joris